We are driven to find new and better ways to make more of a place’s assets

Vandewalle & Associates is a guild-like collection of highly talented masters with diverse expertise in economic strategy, planning, design, energy systems, food and water systems, redevelopment, architecture, marketing, and real estate.

Our purpose is to impact lives and bring positive change by rebuilding places, cities and economies to foster inclusion and equity, better living experiences, new jobs, and higher quality of life. We are driven to find new and better ways to uncover new opportunities, making more of each place’s assets and resources than was thought possible.

What sets us apart is our deep expertise with evolving mid-size Midwestern communities – it’s here that our unique combination of passions, multi-disciplinary skills and value-added expertise can have the greatest impact.

  • Uncovering place-based- and emerging-market-opportunities
  • Identifying and planning economically viable, catalytic projects with a bold vision
  • Managing projects, unlocking funding, and implementing the vision for the greatest impact


Learn more about our people

It takes a different kind of team to tackle unprecedented change. See individual resumes and learn about projects in which each of us has played a key role.

Madison Office

120 East Lakeside St.
Madison, WI 53715
Phone: (608) 255-3988

Milwaukee Office

Global Water Center
247 W Freshwater Way
Suite 530
Milwaukee, WI 53204
Phone: (414) 988-8631

Milwaukee office:
a coastal communities focus

When we opened our Third Ward office between Milwaukee’s river and Great Lake, we did so with great purpose. This lively gem of urban revival is a laboratory for issues facing many urban and coastal centers. (find out more)

  • Redevelopment
  • Shifting industrial economies
  • Rebuilding “fresh coast” communities

Madison office:
a tech transfer hub

From our location in Madison, Wisconsin, we work alongside a world-class research university and interface daily with business and government leaders and stakeholders. (find out more)

  • Bioag and biotechnology
  • Knowledge workers
  • Intellectual property development
  • Technology transfer